An INTP cannot be a Fiction Writer

I have to be something that agrees with my personality. The fact of the matter is, I’ve discovered that I am not nearly as creative as I imagine. Have you ever heard of INTP? That is me. It struck some sort of chord when I first read about the personality, and I have had the test done professionally. I am indeed an INTP. I’m not going to explain what that comes from or anything, but if you haven’t had the test done, look it up yourself.

As it is, I am going to college for English. I am not going to change that degree plan, but I am beginning to think about what I will do after I am done with that. What sort of career I could have that won’t bore me to death.

I wanted to be a writer. A writer of fiction, poetry, short stories. I never imagined that I was not creative. I am creative, yes. However, I am creative in a conceptual way. I can see the big picture, but I get too annoyed with tiny details. In other words, I see no way to be a successful writer of fiction as much as I can see my way to being a successful (albeit eccentric) something else.

I have looked up careers and such that are good for INTPs. Most of them concern working mostly by yourself (score!) and potentially having clients (sounds great, I’m already used to that as a tutor). They also involve (usually) some sort of science or math skills, of which I have a limited amount. There were only a few that did not have those elements in them, but they are still very practical. I am going to be looking into them more because I need to find something to do after graduation. I can’t stand being bored.

I can’t be a good fiction writer as an INTP. I am too practical and cannot understand basic human emotions. They won’t ever hit someone “in the feels.” Although it’s what I’ve always said I would do, it’s all good with me. I’ll find something else that is worth my time, and possibly drop the fiction class I am signed up for.


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