The Context of Mondays

Today seemed short and long at the same time. I went into work this morning and had a meeting with my boss because I am becoming a “peer academic coach.” A peer academic coach assists students with different learning strategies, so it’s different from being a tutor, which I am currently. My boss and I discussed mind mapping primarily, or that seemed the majority of our discussion. I honestly don’t know if you could call it a discussion. He spoke to me about these things and I listened. I did explain to him at one point (under a different context) that I observe and pay close attention opposed to taking notes because then I recall everything that happened. If I put myself back there right now I certainly could.

Other than that I only had a few writing appointments, which all went fairly smoothly. I still struggle to explain some concepts of the English language to non native speakers. Honestly only a few of our grammatic rules make sense. As a native speaker it is hard to explain which articles to use before different words because it is all so much based on context. I try to familiarize students with context by suggesting that they read novels. No idea if any of them do or if that is an effective suggestion, but my French professor has us read fiction, so I assume it works the same with all the languages, as far as effectiveness and recognition of certain written cues are concerned.

Absolutely no idea.

My new gauges came in the mail. They are the same design as my last ones, but I needed the taper before I could move on to plugs. Right now I’m at a size 4.

I am in severe need of excitement. It was way too humdrum last week, and it’s only Monday, but this week is already shaping up to be the same.



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